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      At the moment we are living in surreal times due the outbreak of the Corona virus. Catching up with friends and enjoying parties and events are not possible and we all want to let you know: hang in there and never stop dancing, together we can make this trough!

      We want to make our contribution to the less privileged people who became a victim of this Corona crisis. That’s why we made donation packages, of which 100% of the profit goes to two special projects of the Netherlands Red Cross. To thank you for donating, we have also added some Awakenings goodies!

      Please find more information about the two special projects below.

      Thank you for your support and we hope to dance together again soon!

      The Red Cross

      The Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies provide emergency relief to people in need during natural disasters, armed conflicts, and other emergencies. They have the local knowledge, relationships, and access that enable them to be fast, and effective responders before, during, and after crises hit. 

      Project 1: Restoring Family Links

      As a techno family we want to help people who have lost contact with members of their family as the result of a war, armed conflict, natural disaster or migration. The Red Cross has a special program to help people with their search. They offer this service worldwide, free of charge and each request is handled confidentially.

      Project 2: Corona virus world wide

      Currently, many families, the elderly, migrants and homeless people are struggling with reduced income, a lack of basic means and goods, fragile housing, or the psychological effects of isolation following weeks of confinement. The Red Cross implements a variety of activities to help alleviate this burden and provide much needed assistance to the most vulnerable people. Some examples: the staff and volunteers of The Red Cross educate people about hygiene, transport patients and distribute food for people in need.


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